Lena Cardwell

Lena Cardwell


Lena Cardwell is a success story in the making. At only nine years old, she was singing for money to afford singing and acting lessons. Her mother recognized her talent and took her to New York, but the family ran out of money, and for a time they supported themselves by Cardwell singing on subway platforms and in Times Square. She hit it lucky one day when she was “discovered”.

She has a number of guest appearances to her credit, as well as a small part in the recent film “The Object of My Affection”. “Passions” is her first TV contract — the producers thought she was perfect for the role after seeing her audition. Her “passions” are singing, dancing (ballet, jazz, hip hop), gymnastics, and martial arts.

After leaving “Passions”, Cardwell became determined to be what no one else had been yet…the first African American country singer. She has released two albums, a hip-hop album in 2001, and a country album in 2002. She is appearing in her first major co-starring role in 2003’s “Jeepers Creepers 2.” Cardwell’s many interests include martial arts, singing, ballet. jazz, hip hop, and gymnastics.


  • Born: February 28, 1982
  • Age: 41 years old


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