Liliana de Vries

Liliana de Vries


Liliana de Vries was born together with her twin sister Alicia in 1988 in Costa Rica and spent a large part of her youth in Mexico. Her parents are of Dutch and Colombian descent.

In 2012 she graduated from the Drama School Maastricht.

Liliana is best known for her role in the television series ‘Het Huis Anubis’. In it she played the role of Mara Sabri from 2005 to 2007. In 2007 she was accepted at the Theater School Maastricht. At drama school she started her own collective ‘Ducks In’. She uses this to create theater based on experiences abroad.

She has guest roles in ‘Voetbalvrouwen’, ‘Gone without a trace’, ‘Itching’, ‘Bluf’, and in the short films ‘Après Demain’, ‘Mix Tape’ and ‘Forever After’. She has also starred in the films ‘Boy 7’, ‘Hartenstraat’ and ‘Waterboys’. In 2009 she was seen together with Achmed Akkabi in the clip ‘Als Zij Langs Loopt’ by Flinke Namen. In 2011, she was part of the cast of ‘Page 23’, the winning film of the Utrecht 48 Hour Film Project. In November 2013, she played the role of “Maria” in the cinema film “Man Hearts. In December 2015 she appeared in the cinema films Mannenharten II, Mega Mindy vs Rox and Bonbini Holland.



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