Linnea Currie-Roberts

Linnea Currie-Roberts

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Linnea Currie-Roberts was born in Victoria, British Columbia. She began performing in music festivals and plays at a young age and in 2007 she moved to Oakville, Ontario, to attend Sheridan College for Music Theatre Performance. Upon graduation, Linnea moved to Toronto where she currently lives and works as an actor and improviser.

Linnea also teaches music theatre, drama, and the occasional hip hop classes at elementary and middle schools across the GTA. You can find her performing in comedy venues all over Toronto, as the roommate crush in the web series All For One, or trying to sell you chicken sandwiches on TV.

Linnea once tweeted, “Just a reminder that a person’s sexual orientation isn’t determined by the gender of the person they are currently dating. I have a boyfriend I love and I am still queer. This shouldn’t still be such a hard concept to grasp. “

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