All For One

All For One


Based on the Dumas classic, The Three Musketeers, Dorothy Castlemore arrives at Dumas College wanting to join the sorority Mu Sigma Theta, the place where her beloved grandmother felt at home and a place where she hopes to be accepted as well….

Very quickly Dorothy befriends Treville (her mentor in the recruitment process), Connie (a fellow freshman rushee and her roommate), Miller (who she starts a flirtation with), and three Mu Sigma Theta sisters, Alex, Ariana & Portia (aka “The Musketeers”). While going through the rigorous recruitment process Dorothy finds herself clashing against Owen Rochefort, the right hand thug for the Student Union president Rick Liu and all-around bad guy.

As the last day of recruitment comes and goes, Dorothy gets the worst news possible: she was not offered a place at Mu Sigma Theta.


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