Marián Aguilera

Marián Aguilera


Marián Aguilera Pérez was born in Montgat, Barcelona, Spain is a Spanish film and television actress.

Her image was telecast for the World to see when she carried the Olympic flame at Empúries for the Barcelona Olympic Games (1992), upon its arrival from Greece. She was 15.

The first film which she starred in was El Largo Invierno (1992), at the hands of Jaime Camino. Other highlights of her earlier film titles are La Ciudad de los Prodigios (1999), Quin Curs, el Meu Tercer! (1994) (TV) and Tuno Negro (2001).

But she is most remembered as Miriam when she starred in Al salir de clase (1997–1999), a TV series about the lives of a group of teenagers in Madrid. After the series ended, she starred in less successful Esencia de Poder (2001–2002) and Código Fuego (2003).

Los Hombres de Paco / Paco’s Men (2005–2009) catapulted her into international stardom and fame, with her character Silvia Castro Leon. It created a new fan-base, and countless forums and websites (in many languages) dedicated to her character Silvia and the love story between Silvia and Pepa (portrayed by Laura Sánchez). However, to great dismay of the series and her character’s fans, Marián Aguilera left the show in 2009 to allow herself to grow and explore other possibilities. She re-appeared in the series’ final season a few times as an illusion/imagination (or perhaps a ghost) to Paco.


  • Born: March 12, 1977
  • Age: 46 years old


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