Marie-Evelyne Lessard

Marie-Evelyne Lessard


Marie-Evelyne Lessard is an actress from Quebec, Canada. After studying drama, Marie-Evelyned moved to Montreal to learn more about screen acting and continue her studies in a musical theater school.

Marie-Evelyne was in the popular Quebec police series TV 19-2, and in 30 Vies, Trauma, Feminin/Feminin, and Les Argonautes. She regularly lends her voice to many different actresses, such as Tessa Thompson, Janelle Monae and Tiffany Haddish for example, dubbing their roles in french language.

Her interpretation of Sophie in the movie Fair Sex was critically acclaimed and led to a nomination for Best Actress at the Gala Quebec Cinema in 2014. She also played for director Guy Édoin, alongside great actresses Pascale Buissières and Monica Bellucci, in the film Ville-Marie. In 2019 she was in the tv shows Clash and Cheval Serpent. In 2020 Marie-Evelyne Lessard was in the series Cerebrum and a lead in the film The Decline, the first Quebec Netfilx movie.



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