Michala Brasseur

Michala Brasseur


Michala Brasseur is a Canadian actor, singer, and dancer originally from Saskatchewan. Recent film credits include Camilla Matteo in the independent feature film ‘Survival Box’ directed by William Scoular, an award winning producer, writer and director. Recent televison credits include the Emmy Award Winning Television Series, The Handmaid’s Tale as Caitlyn. Michala’s recent theatre credits include, Angie in The Atomic Tradition, directed by Award Winning and RAW Acting Studio coach, Sophie Ann Rooney, and a musical theatre production of Michala’s favourite musical, Cabaret, where she showed off her singing and dancing skills as Frauline Kost, directed by William Scoular.

Michala continues to believe training is a vital aspect in growing her artist. Completing theatre school, Michala sought out to Toronto’s finest including Bruce Clayton, David Rotenburg at Pro Actors Lab, Elaine Overholt and Kristina Victoria at Big Voice Studios in vocal training, and Paul Meier in voice/accent training for their insights into the industry and their techniques which has inspired and helped Michala thrive. She is currently studying with Sophie Ann Rooney’s RAW acting studio which has brought a breath of fresh air to Michala’s work, inspiring her to reach full potential, follow instincts and to constantly test the limits for ultimate truth.




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