Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell

Actor Bio

Neve Adrianne Campbell is a Canadian actress and producer. She is best known for her starring roles as Julia Salinger in the Fox teen drama series Party of Five, and as Sidney Prescott in the slasher film franchise Scream. Campbell had prominent film roles in The Craft, Wild Things, 54, and Three to Tango.

Campbell was born as Neve Adrianne Campbell on October 3, 1973 in Guelph, Ontario. Her Dutch mother, Marnie (née Neve), is a yoga instructor and psychologist from Amsterdam. Her Scottish father, Gerry Campbell, immigrated to Canada from his native Glasgow, Scotland, and taught high school drama classes in Mississauga, Ontario.

In March 2012, Campbell and her partner, actor JJ Feild, confirmed that they were expecting their first child together. Their first son, Caspian, was born in August 2012.

Actor Information

  • Born: October 3, 1973
  • Age: 47 years old
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