Nicole Pina

Nicole Pina


Nicole Pina was born in the Dominican Republic to a great family of artists. Her father is a well-known architect, her mother a model and interior designer, her uncle a famous artist, and her grandmother a powerful well-respected clothing designer. She grew up in the beautiful city of Santo Domingo, where inspiration is bountiful with its natural wonders, beautiful landscapes and romantic sunsets. Since her mother was a professional model, she spent most of her early childhood traveling from New York to Santo Domingo living with her grandparents, which explains Nicole’s humble, patient, respectful nature.

Her middle school years she lived in Boston and began to appreciate the underground scene of artists that thrived in the city. Going to art galleries and teaching after school art classes and helping the children in the community helped her appreciate the arts. When Nicole turned 13 her family moved to Florida.

Finally, she had a place she felt she identified with. Allured by all the mixed cultures and all the different ways Miami surrounded itself in all different forms of art, she found herself embraced by the gay and lesbian community she related to.


  • Born: September 15, 1980
  • Age: 42 years old


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