Onyx Keesha

Onyx Keesha

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Onyx Keesha is a director and actress, known for Shower (2017), Church Hurt (2016) and her HER (2017).

Onyx Keesha moved to ATL to dive into the film industry and birthed Onyx Keesha Films – a queer centered film company that focuses on telling the stories of those not often heard. With several film festival wins, over one million total YouTube channel views and a platform to showcase some of the talents in the LGBT community Onyx Keesha Films has produced/directed Church Hurt tackling the subject of religion and sexuality, a lesbian Christmas Movie, a love story, and various web shows.

Onyx Keesha is the director of the Revry Original series 3030 which is a first for an African Amerian Woman Director on the huge network.

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