Pippa Nixon

Pippa Nixon


Pippa Nixon is an English actress. She trained at Manchester School of Theatre. Pippa Nixon has had numerous roles in film and television as well as recording drama for BBC Radio, but she is best known for her critically acclaimed theatre work. 

When Nixon left Manchester School of Theatre, she walked into two series of 24Seven for Granada Television playing Jax Duffy, and following its huge success in the UK, it sold to America on and was aired on the Nickelodeon channel. She has also appeared in other major TV series such as Holby City, The Bill and Law and Order. In 2012, Nixon played the Lightmaster in John Carter (directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton). In 2014 Nixon played the leading role of Amy in the soon to be released Panic (directed by Sean Spencer). On 13 October 2014, Nixon appeared as Daphne Young in the ITV series Grantchester. In July 2014, Nixon finished working on a film called Containment.

Nixon played the role of DC Karen Willetts in the first season of the ITV drama, Unforgotten, which was broadcast in October 2015. At the same time, Nixon played Alice Gove in the TV series Cuffs.

In February 2016, Nixon starred in the episode ‘Saints and Sinners’ in the long-running TV drama Midsomer Murders.



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