Rachael Blake

Rachael Blake

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Rachael Morelle Blake is an Australian actress. Blake was born in Perth, Western Australia. At the age of 18 months, she moved to England with her English parents, only to return to Perth at age 11. Blake was born deaf in one ear, a condition that was rectified by a series of operations undertaken before she was six. To overcome shyness and her hearing problem, her mother enrolled her in elocution lessons, which she continued until age 17.

After attending the John Curtin College of the Arts high school in Perth, she applied to Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (“NIDA”) at age 17. but was rejected due to her age. She was accepted to NIDA when she was 19.

In 2012, Blake portrayed Kris Perry in the theatre production of 8 in Sydney and Melbourne. In 2013, she portrayed Lady Tuckworth in the HBO Asia series Serangoon Road. She played a main role in the 2014 drama film Melody, for which she has received recognition. She appeared in the 2016 film Gods of Egypt.

In 2003, she married Wildside co-star Tony Martin. They later starred together in Serangoon Road.

Actor Information

  • Born: May 26, 1971
  • Age: 51 years old

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