Samantha Cole

Samantha Cole

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Samantha Liana Cole is an up and coming Toronto actress, coming from a Jamaican background. Her journey in front of the camera started with modeling, which she has done for 5 years now, however, her true calling has always been acting.

Samantha has appeared in numerous film and television productions. Her versatility has landed her in shows such as: V-Wars, iZombie, Private Eyes, Hit The Road starring Jason Alexander, and Coffee and Kareem starring Taraji P Henson and Ed Helms. Samantha has starred in the feature film Sideboob; where she played the eccentric badass who has a no nonsense moral compass, among a young group of friends.

Samantha has studied in various studios in Toronto, Vancouver, and LA. In her free time she loves to travel, read, play her guitar, paint and write. And always training in various skills such as singing and martial arts for example.

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tv-hdFalconette (regular)


tv-hdBatwoman (guest)
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