Shanna Forrestall

Shanna Forrestall


Shanna ForrestallĀ is a lifelong storyteller. She is a songwriter, children’s author, producer and award-winning actress with over 100 film and television credits.

Shanna was born and raised in South Louisiana in a small town called Gonzales (located on a bayou between Baton Rouge and New Orleans).

Shanna is a serious and trained film and television actor who has studied a version of the Eric Morris process, and studies with an Ivana Chubbuck certified instructor.

Shanna continues to work on feature film and television projects, and her natural charm and warm smile also continues to win her a place in many regional and national commercials.

Shanna splits her time between New Orleans, Louisiana and Los Angeles, CA. She is a dual citizen – legally able to live and work in the United States and Canada.



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