Walnette Marie Santiago

Walnette Marie Santiago

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Walnette Marie Santiago was born in San German, Puerto Rico, to Johirah Morato and Waldemar Santiago, both of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. The oldest of five, who was raised in the Bronx, New York, began exploring her love for creative arts at the age of eight. She joined Starlite Dance Studio where she began professionally dancing salsa and hip-hop. Her mastery of the dances later proved to be beneficial in her new found love of acting providing a deep understanding for the level of dedication and discipline needed to create impeccable performances.

In 2008, her family moved to Alpharetta, Georgia. Two years later, while attending Georgia State University, her interest in acting peaked. In 2015, She began vigorously training and was scouted by multiple talent agents as a result of a riveting showcase performance. Within the first six months of her now, professional career as an actress, she consistently landed a series of co-star roles including ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ a pilot directed by Emmy award winning director, David Nutter and the hit award winning series, ‘Atlanta,’ to name a few.

After just a couple of years in the business, Walnette used what seemed to be another hidden gift, writing, to create a blog. In efforts to give back and inspire others, she uses the blog as an outlet and candidly expresses her journey as an actress. She believes that you should “be the inspiration you crave” and is actively working to do just that while simultaneously sharing her blueprint and creating captivating on screen performances.

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