Wanida Termthanaporn

Wanida Termthanaporn

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Singer and actress from Bangkok, Thailand. She is known by the nickname Gybzy. Termthanaporn has a Bachelor of Arts Political Science and studied English. She is a graduate of both Ramkhamhaeng University and the University of Bangkok. Termthanaporn speaks English and Thai fluently, and currently resides in Bangkok. She is five feet and two inches tall.

Termthanaporn is the lead singer for the four girl group known as Girly Berry. The other members of the group are Giftza, Nannie and Bell. The group debuted in 2002 with the self titled album, Girly Berry. In 2009, Girly Berry was named the Sexiest Girl Group In Thailand. In addition to producing several albums and singles, several members of the group have done television advertising for Yamaha, PCT, Fisho, EXIT, Nestle, Glico, Tipco, 1900, Clean & Smooth, Panasonic, Miss Teen, J. Ling, Coke, LEONA, Carr Barley and Hanami among others. Termthanaporn has done ad work for 12 Plus, Green Nut, Milk Plus, Shine, In 2 It, Mistine Sezy Cheek, Benice and Nestea.

As an actress, Termthanaporn’s TV career includes countless appearances in different television shows and soap operas from 2001 and on. In 2003, she made her film debut as Sally in the comedy film, Club Zaa: Pit Tamraa Saep. In 2009, Termthanaporn took on her most notable role as May in the film Nymph, a fantasy drama where an urban husband and wife travel to the jungle, and learn just how precious their relationship is. That same year she starred in the horror movie My Ex, directed by Piyapan Choopetch. The film was released on August 27, 2009 in Thailand. Two years later, Termthanaporn appeared in the 2011 musical comedy, Small Ru Gu Naew. In 2013, she made a small appearance as Thip in the comedy Grean Fiction, and the following year, she starred as Mae Nak in the 2014 Poj Arnon directed comedy, Make Me Shudder 2: Shudder Me Mae Nak. The same year, Termthanaporn appears in the 2014 3D horror film, Spell 3D.

Termthanaporn lists her favorite sports as swimming and tennis. Her favorite food is barbecue, and she enjoys scuba diving and playing sports.

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