Ren St. Claire

Ren St. Claire
Status Alive
Actor Vico Ortiz rainbow
Show Recon (regular character - 2018)

A new recruit at the Academy, specializing in the field agent track. Ren was raised born in Chicago to accepting teaching parents who never questioned their child’s queerness, helping Ren establish themselves every step of the way. Ren never really “came out”– it was just an accepted state of being for them and their family… Ren liked hot people and hot people liked Ren. And they didn’t have a gender.

Casual and confidently queer, Ren is relaxed and nonchalant about almost everything. Ren acts as a happy, casual foil to an anxious Ava, who they befriend during orientation at the Academy. However, despite their self-assuredness, their emotional maturity has some blind spots, including a complete inability to realize that their best friend Ava is developing feelings for them…or that they’re developing them back.

Although they’re training to be a field agent, their empathetic side comes out as they realize the implications of their violent training and the amoral things the spy world has to offer. Things Ren may be forced to do. While their moral crisis plays out, so does the revelation that Ava’s life is being broadcasted online, throwing their life—and relationship with Ava—into chaos.

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