Vico Ortiz

Vico Ortiz


Puerto Rican actress and sword fighter, Ortiz (she/them/him) was influenced by the arts from the moment they were born. Raised in a household of performers, she spent many nights around dressing rooms and backstage theaters in Puerto Rico. At age 11, they began fencing, and from being just a hobby, it quickly became a professional career. They had the honor of representing Puerto Rico around the world, including the Pan-American Games in Rio ’07. After graduating High School in Puerto Rico, they took a leap of faith, hung up their mask and sword, and moved to Los Angeles to begin their studies at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Promptly after graduating they came out to the world! Since then, they’ve had the pleasure representing Latinx Queers and working on several groundbreaking LGBTQ projects, including the Award Winning short “Vámonos,” Amazon’s “Transparent,” Freeform’s “The Fosters,” MACRO’s “Gente-fied,” and Rachael Cantu’s “You’re The Most”.




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