Baka and Test

Baka and Test


The story centers around a boy named Akihisa Yoshii, the titular baka (idiot) of the story. He attends Fumizuki Academy in Japan, a school where the staff rigidly divides the students based on the results of their academic scores. At the start of the school, students are academically sorted by entrance exam test grades. The higher the grades, the higher the class, and the better the benefits. In this case, Class A is filled with the highest-scoring students; therefore, their classroom is filled with many prestigious items (air conditioners, fancy seats, laptops, a free snack bar, etc.), while the state of Class F is the complete opposite of that, representing the “bottom of the barrel” amenities, such as mats and low wooden tables.

The story also loosely revolves around the love triangle consisting of Mizuki Himeji (an intelligent girl who was forced into Class F just because of a fever), Minami Shimada (a transfer student from Germany who struggles with kanji), and Akihisa, their crush.


There is 1 queer character listed for this show; none are dead.

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