Dulce Ambición

Dulce Ambición


One part baking, one part Romeo & Juliet, and one part crime lords. Maria da Paz is a baker who comes from a family of professional vigilantes, the Ramirez. She falls in love with Amadeu, a trained lawyer and member of the rival business clan, the Matheus.

A tragedy strikes on the day of her wedding to Amadeu, separating them for 20 years, but leaving her their daughter, Jô, who seeks power and despises her mother’s seemingly humble origins. Afraid that her parents’ reunion might spoil her plans,  Jô starts an alliance with the charming Régis to convince Maria to marry him and, together, they plan to steal all of Maria’s fortune.

Maria’s optimism must be stronger than Jô’s ambition when the baker finds out about the betrayal and her own daughter’s dangerous secrets.


There is 1 queer character listed for this show; none are dead.

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