Major Crimes

Major Crimes


A spin-off of The Closer.

With the sudden departure of Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson sending tremors throughout the entire Los Angeles Police Department, Captain Sharon Raydor faces difficult challenges as she assumes Johnson’s former post as head of the Major Crimes Division. For one, as a former internal-affairs officer, many of her squad members do not trust her. Additionally, the controversial new rules she had instituted as head of the Force Investigation Division (FID) are reaping unintended consequences at crime scenes. Finally, the LAPD’s new cost-saving policy of striking deals with violent criminals instead of extracting confessions from them is generating additional rancor among the rank and file, particularly with Major Crimes’ senior officer, Lieutenant Provenza.

Raydor’s foster son Rusty Beck (whom she later adopts) adds more drama to Raydor’s personal life, but it bleeds into her professional life as well, since Rusty is the key eyewitness in the trial of serial killer Philip Stroh. Rusty ends up attending the same Catholic school Raydor’s grown children once attended.

Notable Queer-Centric Episodes

  • Season 2, Episode 6 “Boys Will Be Boys” – A 13-year-old child with gender identity issues is killed after being bullied in a mall bathroom, and Sharon’s husband helps Rusty set up a date.


There is 1 queer character listed for this show; 1 is dead.

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