My Beautiful Pain

My Beautiful Pain


Tori is a successful TV network CEO at the first black owned LGBT network who is building her new company from ground up along with two of her best friends.

After a company merger, Tori finds that her ex girlfriend, Chris, is now working for her. This throws Tori off her game, causing her work to falter and love life to crumble. Tori’s significant other, Rene, tries to keep Tori’s interest in light of Chris’ reappearance. Meanwhile, Tori is also trying to rebuild her relationship with her father, a pastor who has an issue with homosexuality.

Tori’s two best friends, Moe and Kacey, have troubles of their own. Kacey wants to find love, and Moe is trying to save her marriage while struggling with alcoholism.

The trio finally figure out what needs to be done to save their company, and their love lives, and take action immediately.


This page was last edited on January 3rd, 2021.
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