Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive


A really weird and crazy Australian soap.

Between endless golden beaches and crystal blue harbours runs Pacific Drive. More a lifestyle than a street, Pacific Drive is Australia’s best address: heaven on earth. A vibrant city pulsating with you, glamour and intrigue. This is the place where the rich and the beautiful come to live, work and play: where dreams merge with reality and where sun, sand surf make the ultimate backdrop to ambition and obsession. But not all that happens on Pacific Drive takes place in the sun. In the shadows behind the high-rise, the brutal murder of one of the coast’s most powerful identities, will have ramifications for all of those drawn to the wealth, excitement and power of Pacific Drive. Sonia Kingsley, beautiful, rich and powerful, called Pacific Drive her home. Her footprints making her territory in the sand, her wealth and influence forging her place in the community. But when this darling of the social pages is killed while taking her morning jog, a long list of suspects emerges.


This page was last edited on October 1st, 2018.
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