Australia Based TV Shows (


After the Beep

A series based on thirtyish Jo, who hates her life, her job, her mother and sister.

Airdates: 1996

All Saints

Following the professional and personal lives of the doctors and nurses working on the front line of a busy inner city Emergency Department at All Saints Hospital.

Airdates: 1998 - 2009

Bad Mothers

A group of misfit women joins forces to help juggle the challenges of work, romance, parenthood — and solving a murder.

Airdates: 2019 - current


Set from 1996, Danny Kelly is a talented swimmer who attends a prestigious Melbourne private school on a sporting scholarship.

Airdates: 2016

The Box

The Box examines the day-to-day running of Melbourne television station UCV-12, the professional and personal lives of its staff, both in front of, and behind, the camera.

Airdates: 1974 - 1977


The lives of people who work and live in The Breakers building, situated near Bondi Beach.

Airdates: 1998 - 1999

Call Me Katie

In a world consumed by the patriarchy, Katie Minola has made it her mission to aggressively educate every ignorant boy she can find.

Airdates: 2015


Baby lawyers in Australia. One’s gay and got a spinoff.

Airdates: 2011

The Doctor Blake Mysteries skull-crossbones

Annoying Australian doctor solves crime while being an alcoholic.

Network: ,
Airdates: 2013 - 2018

The End warning

Three generations of a family with separate but intersecting obsessions – trying to figure out how to die with dignity, live with none and make it count.

Network: , ,
Airdates: 2020

Farscape skull-crossbones

A cult sci-fi series classic where everyone’s pretty sexually fluid.

Airdates: 1999 - 2003

First Day star

It’s Hannah Bradford’s first year of high school. As a transgender girl, Hannah not only has to navigate the challenges that come with starting a new school, but find the courage to live as her most authentic self.

Airdates: 2020