Inspired by a true story, a working-class community is awakened when its high school theater program takes on an unconventional new leader. As dedicated teacher and family man Lou Mazzuchelli takes over the lagging department, he encourages his students to unleash their creativity and explore new means of self-expression. But even though the students discover talents and ambitions they never knew they had, not everyone in town is thrilled. Upset by challenges brought by change, enraged faculty and skeptical parents contest Mr. Mazzu’s galvanizing efforts. But with passionate fervor running through the town’s veins, no one can deny a revolution is underway.

The problem is, we can all deny this is a good show. It’s Diet Glee (hat tip to Phillip Henry for that one). They shove everything into the opening, from alcoholism to transgender students. And worst, they made Mazzuchelli straight. Oh yes, he’s gay in real life. The show runner didn’t think he could write a gay man because he couldn’t connect to one.

It’s just overly simplistic storytelling combined with straight-washing. We spent most of the time shouting “Shut up Ted” at it, and were not surprised to find it canceled after a season. The show could have been great.


There are 3 queer characters listed for this show; none are dead.

Regular (1)

Guests (2)

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