Um Lugar ao Sol

Um Lugar ao Sol


In Goiânia, twin brothers Christian and Christofer are born, lose their mother in childbirth and are left with their father Ernani, who, because of his situation, agrees to give one of his children to a rich couple from Rio de Janeiro, marking the separation of both of the twins when they are about to a year old. Christian is sent to an orphanage, while Christofer is renamed Renato by his adoptive parents. Both grow up unaware of each other’s existence.

18 years later, as he says goodbye to his dying his adoptive father, Renato discovers he is adopted and has twin brother from whom he was separated. Outraged, he confronts his adopted mother Elenice, who lies to him, saying that his brother and his biological father are dead. Christian, is forced to leave the orphanage for minors where he grew up, in Goiânia, and also discovers he has been separated from his brother. Dedicated to school and alone in the world and without prospects, becomes underemployed, Christian is forced to shelve his dreams, and only the existence of his brother seems to light up his life. In the hope of finding Renato, he decides to go to Rio de Janeiro. Before leaving he says goodbye to Ravi, his brother at heart, raised in the orphanage with him. Renato goes to Europe with a one-way ticket, willing to stay away from the life he has discovered to be fake.

Ten years later, Christian works as a street vendor at the door of the Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium in the hope of finding his brother. His only clue is a magazine clipping where a man identical to him is watching a match from the stadium’s grandstand. Christian meets Lara and falls in love with her. He gives up searching for his twin brother and decides to propose to Lara and start a small business. However, when Ravi is arrested for a theft he did not commit, Christian needs to raise the bail money and with no alternative, he agrees to do a cart for drug dealers and, inadvertently, incurs an even bigger debt. Threatened with death and with no way out, Lara tells him to sell what they have to free Ravi from prison and flee to her grandmother’s house in Minas Gerais.

During the escape, Christian randomly meets Renato, who has just returned to Brazil. After spending the early morning together and learning of his Christian’s debt, Renato goes up the hill in his place and, mistaken for him, is killed by the drug dealers. Identical to Renato, Christian emulates his brother’s personality and behavior, becoming his double. He decides to leave the past behind, and assumes the identity of Renato, with Ravi as his only confidant, he watches Lara bury the body that was supposedly his, and moves on to a new life, having to deal with the consequences of his choice.


There are 2 queer characters listed for this show; none are dead.

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