CBC (Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting) TV Shows (


A collection of all TV shows that air on CBC (Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting).

Aria the Scarlet Ammo

Kinji, a student of an elite academy that produces highly skilled soldiers who fight crime in an anarchic society, gets attacked by a criminal. Aria, an elite soldier, saves him and they team up.

Kill la Kill

A young girl arrives at a school of superhumans to find out the truth behind her father’s murder.

Mayo Chiki!

When you’ve got acute gynophobia, even a pretty girl can be a malady.

Revue Starlight

Starlight is a song and dance revue troupe loved throughout the world.

Riddle Story of Devil

Tokaku Azuma is a heartless teenage assassin on a mission of death. She’s been sent to a prestigious, all-girls boarding school to compete in an assassination game against eleven other beautiful killers. The heinous mission: send the innocent and cheerful Haru Ichinose to an early grave.

Sakura Trick

A secret love in high school? What could go wrong!

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Thanks to his parents’ job transfer, high school freshman Usa finally gets to enjoy living on his own in the Kawai Complex, a boarding house. Ritsu, the senpai he admires, also lives there, as do a few other “unique” individuals.