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A collection of all TV shows that air on Revry.

30 30 star

The lives of two platonic lesbian roommates living in modern day Las Vegas.

Airdates: 2017 - 2018

Easy Abby star

How to make love more difficult.

Network: ,
Airdates: 2013 - 2018

Kappa Force star

Sorority Justice over Frat Boy Scum!

Airdates: 2019

Life is Easy star

Bff’s since childhood, Jamie-Li and Curtis have a friendship that defies race, gender and sex – until a birthday-body-swap reveals a hot mess of unexplored issues that unravels the way they see each other, and themselves.

Airdates: 2020


What happens when you realize your dreams are no longer your own? Promising triathlete, Jessica has trained her entire life and finally has a shot at the Olympics. When she meets Lua, the mysterious and confident surf instructor, Jessica realizes just how trapped she feels by her own life and her controlling father.

Airdates: 2016

To Be Me star skull-crossbones

At the intersection of non-binary and transgender is me.

Airdates: 2019