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A collection of all TV shows that air on Sky Atlantic.

The End warning

Three generations of a family with separate but intersecting obsessions – trying to figure out how to die with dignity, live with none and make it count.

Network: , ,
Airdates: 2020

Hit & Miss

Follows the life of transgender contract killer Mia, who travels to West Yorkshire to seek out her ex girlfriend.

Airdates: 2012

I Hate Suzie

A female celebrity has her whole life upended when her phone is hacked and a photo of her emerges in an extremely compromising position.

Airdates: 2020 - current


Everything is not what it seems for the life of the rich. Which y’know, yeah.

Airdates: 2017 - 2020


It’s a reverse freakout – a woman as lesbian sex after her boyfriend proposes.

Network: ,
Airdates: 2018

The Tunnel skull-crossbones

A murder, a tunnel, and lesbians who don’t get shot.

Network: ,
Airdates: 2013 - 2018