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A collection of all TV shows that air on SundanceTV.

Deutschland 83

The stakes are high for a rookie spy during the Cold War.

Network: ,
Airdates: 2015

Les Revenants skull-crossbones

The came back! That’s never a good thing.

Network: ,
Airdates: 2012 - 2015

Liar warning

A psychological thriller in which schoolteacher Laura Nielson accuses renowned surgeon Andrew Earlham of rape.

Network: ,
Airdates: 2017 - 2020


A Midwestern husband and father announces her plan to have a sex change operation.

Network: ,
Airdates: 2003

Top of the Lake

Obsessed with the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant girl near a freezing lake in New Zealand, a detective finds herself up against small-town secrets and a side of herself that was meticulously kept at bay.

Airdates: 2013 - 2017