Celia Freijeiro

Celia Freijeiro


Celia is a Spanish actress that was born in Vigo, Galicia.

At 18, after living one year in the USA, she moved to Madrid, where she started and consolidated her profesional career. Celia´s work is compelling and strong due to her chameleon and versatile personality.

Celia strongly believes in the importance of the theatre, that is why she began her acting career onstage. El Color de Agosto (2006) written by Paloma Pedrero is one of her best performances and in fact she was nominated for best actress in the most prestigious Spanish Theatre awards.

In 2013, she landed the leading role at Los Cenci by Artaud in the most legendary Spanish theatre (Teatro Español) under the direction of Sonia Sebastian. For this performance she was also nominated for best actress in the Valle-Inclán Award ( Premio Valle-Inclán).

Celia last work in Mucho Ruido y Pocas Nueces (2014) by Shakespeare received both popular and critical acclaim. As a consequence of that success, the play was nominated for the Almagro International Classical Theatre Festival.

In cinema, Celia´s most important projects were in the films De Chica en Chica (2015) by Sonia Sebastian, in which she is also a producer, and Todo es Silencio (2011) by José Luis Cuerda.
In Todo es Silencio she was the leading actress along with Spanish actor Miguel Ángel Silvestre.

However, Celia´s breakthrough as a household name comes from her roles on TV shows. Celia has the leading role at Seis Hermanas (2016) in National Television and at Homicidios (2011) along with Spanish actor Eduardo Noriega. In addition, she also was the leading actress in the first online Spanish TV show, Girl Seeks Girl (2007); which was released in DVD in the USA by WolfeTV and is still available for sale on Netflix and Amazon.

Celia has also taken risks on her own as part of her commitment with arts as she launched her own company to produce her own plays. Her company, Pocapena Producciones, has produced 6 theatre plays, 3 short films and also the film De Chica en Chica.


  • Born: February 9, 1983
  • Age: 40 years old


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