Laura Sánchez

Laura Sánchez

Actor Bio

Laura Sánchez López is a Spanish model and television actress. In her role on Los hombres de Paco as Pepa, she is heartbroken by the death of her wife Silvia Castro. She seeks revenge to arrest the murderer.

She began her modeling career in Huelva, and broke through when Victorio & Lucchino, fashion designers in Seville, hired her as a clothes model, although she fell down during their Spring/Summer 2001 fashion show (held in Madrid on September 6, 2000).

Born in Germany, her family relocated to Huelva when she was two months old. Sánchez had a relationship with footballer Aitor Ocio, with whom she had a daughter, Naia, born on 1 August 2006, until the couple split in March 2009.

Actor Information

  • Age: 39 years old
  • Birth date: May 29, 1981


There is 1 character listed for this actor; none are dead.

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