Niamh Wilson

Niamh Wilson


Niamh Wilson is a Canadian film and television actress from Oakville, Ontario, known for her role as Corbett in Saw III, reprised in Saw V; the Canadian horror film The Marsh; and the title role in the Family Channel series Debra!

Wilson began her career with a role in the Warner Brother’s pilot Chasing Alice at the age of five. Although the TV Movie/pilot did not result in a series, she did meet Ralph Hemecker, who was to direct her in Haunting Sarah two years later. Her portrayal of Sarah Lewis garnered her a Young Artist Award in 2006. While in Los Angeles for the awards she and her mother created a CBC Radio radio documentary for the Outfront program called “Child Star Goes to Hollywood” about their road trip to Hollywood. Wilson was cast in Ice Planet as Commander Trager’s (Michael Ironside) daughter.

Wilson won the Young Artist Award for Leading Actress in a TV Series for Debra! in May 2012; the series also won for Best Young Ensemble in a TV Series. This was the first time a TV series that was not aired in the United States had won these awards.


  • Born: March 9, 1997
  • Age: 26 years old



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