Vanessa Buckley

Vanessa Buckley

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Born the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Her mother, Australian Elizabeth Buckley was a nurse and her English father Dr Don Buckley, a Doctor. She is the youngest of five.

After receiving early acceptance into University, Vanessa began a Bachelor of Laws and Arts (Entertainment and Marketing) whilst still completing her Year 12 Diploma. She graduated with the Archbishop Award from All Saints Anglican School in Queensland, Australia and received Honors in law the same year.

During her tertiary studies, she continued to perform in theatre productions and study at Screenwise which led to her landing a role on Rescue Special Ops for Channel Nine starring opposite Les Hill. After completing her Bachelor degree, Vanessa received a scholarship to study a Masters in Acting at East 15 Acting School in London. During her time in London she worked at the Globe Theatre playing Lady Macbeth and later Jane Austen for the BBC.

She then returned to Australia where she continued to work in television and is now best known for her role as Kimberly on Doctor Doctor.

As a Producer, Vanessa worked for FremantleMedia Australia. Her most notable achievement being the creator and co-producer of the award winning show Ready for Take Off.

Vanessa is the co-writer, producer and lead actor of Life Lessons, and was pegged by MTV as a filmmaker that is one to watch.

Actor Information

  • Born: May 12, 1989
  • Age: 33 years old

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