Amelia Ledesma

Amelia Ledesma
Status Alive
Actor Carol Rovira
Shows Amar es para Siempre (regular character - 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
#Luimelia77 (regular character - 2020)

She works at the hotel by day and is a singer at King’s at night. A magnetic woman, with a rebellious spirit, she likes feathers, patent leather and sequins. Amelia just wants to fulfill her dreams.

Amelia is present in two shows and one mini-series, Amar Es Para SIempre#Luimelia77, and #Luimelia, the spin-off. In the spin-off, modern day Amelia has minor changes to her character and her relationships to other characters from the 70’s show and therefore, her character profile has been split into the 1970’s and the modern day Amelia.

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