A six-part series about the renown German hospital set in 1888 Berlin. It’s high on the historical accuracy, though fell to the Bury Your Queers trope by killing off their only lesbian.

Fan Lied commented on the unfortunate death trope that keeps occuring, introducing a character as queer only to kill her in the next breath. She also helped us with the right information for this show!

Notable Queer-Centric Episodes

  • In the third episode, Therese is privately called out on her lesbian tendencies by the head nurse. Later she kisses Ida and runs off afterwards.
  • In the fourth, she is struggling and shown cutting herself. She breaks off her friendship with Ida, who continues to want to be her friend. At the same time, Therese is shown being physically weakened. It turns out she has contracted TB. The head nurse wants to send her away, but Ida fights for her to be able to stay at the hospital so that she can get the best care. Therese thinks she is sick because god is punishing for her “unnatural ways.” Ida fights for Therese to be treated with the promising new cure “Tuberculin” from Robert Koch, which has not been tested on a patient yet. Therese might stay at the hospital and is the first sick patient who gets treated.
  • In the fifth, it becomes clear that “Tuberculin” is not the cure everyone hoped it would be. Therese dies with Ida by her side.


There is 1 queer character listed for this show; 1 is dead.

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