Executive Suite

Executive Suite


Executive Suite was an American drama television series based on the 1954 film of the same name. It aired from September 20, 1976 until February 11, 1977.

The series was a prime time soap opera set at the Cardway Corporation in Los Angeles. Much of the action focused on the power-struggle between Don Walling (Cardway’s president) and Howell Rutledge (the company’s vice president and his chief rival).

We had to get that from Mediawiki since none of us knew about the show.

Queer Plotline Timeline

There was only one season, and from what we can tell, three episodes about lesbians. One about being lesbians, one about unrequited lesbian love, and one about being dead lesbians.

Notable Queer-Centric Episodes

  • Ep 10 - "Re: The Sounds of Silence" - Julie admits her husband beats her and she's a lesbian.
  • Ep 11 - "What Are Patterns For?" - Julie tells Leona she's in love with her. Leona runs into the street, Julie chases her and is hit by a car and dies.
  • Ep 12 - "The Identity Crisis" - Bernie, Julie's abusive widower, blames Leona for Julie's death. Leona has a breakdown.


There is 1 queer character listed for this show; 1 is dead.

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