Frau Jordan Stellt Gleich

Frau Jordan Stellt Gleich


Equal opportunities officer Eva Jordan fights with people who have very little left for the topic. In the fight against deadlocked role models and the disadvantage of minorities and marginalized groups, her team strengthens her back. Said team consists of the office softie Philipp, who is in love with his boss Eva, the disarmingly naive Renate and Yvonne, who shocks even hardcore feminists with their dialect.

In office, however, hardly anyone takes the team seriously, so that the four have to defend not only minorities but also their own jobs. Particularly aggressive and unscrupulous is Eva Jordan’s hard-hitting competitor Mrs. Sommerfeld, who leaves no opportunity to intrigue. In action for minorities, Ms. Jordan fights on many fronts. Whether it is the debut of a woman at the fire brigade, the admission of a man to the changing group or the demands of a wheelchair user who wants a ramp to the brothel.

No one is perfect. So it also happens that the Equal Opportunities Office itself has a complaint about harassment on the neck. When the lesbian employee Yvonne chats loudly about her sexual adventures in the elevator, a conservative and strictly Catholic administrative employee from the house can also feel harassed.

Mayor Brinkmann, who seems to come from a textbook for chauvinist bosses and makes no secret of his contempt for equality policy, is always good for Pointen. Eva Jordan also uses this to her advantage and wears an extra wide neckline to get her budget through with the mayor.


There is 1 queer character listed for this show; none are dead.

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