How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder


Annalise Keating is a famous defense attorney and teacher, who is sexy, glamorous, unpredictable, and dangerous. And probably a killer.

As the show reveals everyone’s past in flashbacks, it takes a while to find out Annalise had a lesbian lover in college, who sticks around and shows up now and then to bail her out. The lesbian is about the only person who gets away with everything, escaping to San Francisco with her new girlfriend.

The show lives in the grey area, where everyone, from the lawyers to the cases, are shady and could be evil. Or not. You’re never sure how far down the rabbit hole anyone goes.

The series ends with a fast forward to Annalise dying as an old woman and teaching us all how to be strong.

Queer Plotline Timeline

In season one we meet Annalise’s ex girlfriend, Eve, and she returns a few times. It’s not until the last two seasons that Annalise publicly declares that she is, in fact, bisexual. While her sexuality isn’t a major part of the show for all seasons, it is a keystone to her defence in the finale.


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