Murad, also known as Eunuch’s Motherhood, is an Urdu/Hindi language television drama film based on the motherhood of a eunuch, the term to describe a transgender person in India.

The story revolves round a eunuch (Hijra) Saima, who adopts a helpless child, Murad. This child does not like her profession of dancing. Saima tries hard to fit in other professions as a male but people tease her at every place. Then she again tries to get job as a woman but fails. She then starts begging to earn her living but when Murad watches her as a beggar on the road, he gets cross. She then sends Murad to hostel and starts dancing again to fulfill the expenses of his studies. She never goes to see Murad so as to avoid his hatred.

Murad goes abroad on scholarship for higher studies. By the end, Saima gets an invitation of Aqiqah (newborn welcoming ceremony) from an unknown person and when they all go there, Saima comes to know that it was “Murad” who called her to show his son and wife about his mother who brought him up with the help of her Ghungroo, and also to thank Saima for all what she did for him.


There is 1 queer character listed for this show; none are dead.

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