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A television film (also known as a TV film; television movie; TV movie; telefilm; telemovie; made-for-television film; direct-to-TV film; movie of the week (MOTW or MOW); feature-length drama; single drama and original movie) is a feature-length motion picture that is produced for, and originally distributed by or to, a television network, in contrast to theatrical films, which are made explicitly for initial showing in movie theaters.

A Girl Thing

A Girl Thing is a mini-series that revolves around a New York city street, a coffee house and a shrinks office. Dr. Beth Noonan is the therapist to one star per hour.

Airdates: 2001

A Question of Love

A lesbian attempts to gain custody of her children following a divorce.

Airdates: 1978

A Very Polish Practice

Even weirder than the original. And worse.

Airdates: 1992

Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy

When we said the follow up movie was shitty, we were serious.

Airdates: 2014

Born Innocent warning

A girl is sent to juvenile detention and some really horrible things happen.

Airdates: 1974

Cage Without a Key warning skull-crossbones

Lesbian predator in a women’s prison.

Airdates: 1975

Common Ground star

An anthology story of a town dealing with the gay in three separate time periods.

Airdates: 2000

For Justice

A female FBI agent finds herself caught between her family and her work.

Airdates: 2015

Gia skull-crossbones

The life of international 1970s supermodel and lesbian.

Airdates: 1998

If These Walls Could Talk 2 skull-crossbones

Three stories about lesbian couples who occupy the same house in different decades.

Airdates: 2000

In the Glitter Palace

A lawyer/detective defends his ex-girlfriend’s lesbian lover, charged with murder.

Airdates: 1977

Inmates: A Love Story

A co-ed penitentiary is the off-beat backdrop for this romantic drama of a pair of security inmates under the watchful eye of an … unorthodox superintendent.

Airdates: 1981