Saving Hope

Saving Hope


Surgeon Alex Reid finds herself in a state of shock when her charismatic fiancé — Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris — ends up in a coma. While she and a surgeon who has just arrived at Toronto’s Hope-Zion Hospital work to save Dr. Harris’ life, the patient takes leave of his body and begins wandering the hospital in spirit form. Harris ponders the true nature of his experience, while the other doctors in the facility continue to deal with complicated decisions that they face daily within their profession.

The show is a bit of a supernatural drama, in that we get to see the various souls of characters wandering around as ghosts or what not.

In 2016, the show runners took a pledge to treat all LGBT characters with greater respect. We tip our hats to them!

Queer Plotline Timeline

In season three, Maggie and Sydney start stumbling towards something relationshipish. That energy continues into season four, but in season five that “stumbling” turns into a roller coaster of a will they/won’t they situation with an ending that any fanvid or fanfic creator can appreciate.

Notable Queer-Centric Episodes

  • Season Three Episode 14 "Trading Places" - Neshema is expecting, but refuses Sydney's help with the pregnancy because it turns out that Sydney was the one who told Neshema's family about her homosexuality. Throughout the episode Sydney talks to Maggie about the 'expectations' involved with being Orthodox. Later Sydney finds Maggie in the hospital dormitory and admits that she 'likes girls' and they sleep together.
  • Season Three Episode 17 "Fearless" - Sydney is stressed out by the wedding planning  Sydney's fiancé (Hershel) is admitted as a patient with what he believes to be a life-threatening illness. Hershel confesses to eating pork and Sydney gets upset by it. Maggie suggests that Sydney was a little harsh on him and she may have been projecting, looking for a way out of the wedding. Sydney ends her engagement with Hershel explaining that she can't marry him because she is gay. 
  • Season Five Episode 10 "Change of Heart" - Maggie and Sydney treat a young couple, and while doing so, realize their differences in dealing with issues. Maggie tells Sydney that the thought of a relationship with her paralyzes her due to the expectations. Sydney says that although they revealed their differences, she doesn't want to be with her any less, and that she doesn't want an "epic, tortured love affair"; she just wants Maggie.

  • Season Five Episode 12 "Leap of Faith" - Will they?? Won't they?? This is the episode where you find out!


There are 7 queer characters listed for this show; none are dead.

Regulars (2)

Recurring (1)

Guests (4)

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