The Morning Show

The Morning Show


The cutthroat world of morning news and the lives of the people who help America wake up in the morning. Told through the lens of two complicated women working to navigate the minefield of high-octane jobs while facing crises in both their personal and professional lives, the series is an unapologetically candid drama that looks at the power dynamics between women and men, and women and women, in the workplace.

Queer Plotline Timeline

In season two, we’re introduced to Laura Petersen. She’s openly queer and she and Bradley (who is not as open) start dating. They live together for a while during COVID, but break up and are still friends. If not more.

Notable Queer-Centric Episodes

  • Season 2, Episode 3 "Laura" - We meet Laura, and Bradley kisses her in the car.
  • Season 3, Episode 4 "The Green Light" - Fortune Femister plays a stand up comedian (unnamed) who makes jokes about Laura and Bradley's incredibly tame couple-photos.


There are 3 queer characters listed for this show; none are dead.

Regular (1)

Recurring (1)

Guest (1)

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