2021 Favorite Queer Things from the LezWatch.TV Staff

2021 Favorite Queer Things

Welcome to the end of another pandemic year. Things are hard, but even in the middle of this 2-year long dumpster fire, there are still things to be happy about. Here is a list of Team LezWatch’s 2021 Favorite Queer Things!

Carmel, Database Editor and Contributing Writer

Big Queer Weddings

So. Many. Queer. Weddings. There were THREE in the Arrowverse alone!

Surprise Guest Stars

There is no feeling quite like when an actor or internet celeb pops into your favorite show for an episode or two. #Luimelia had actresses and YouTubers Sofi and Valen pop in as guests for their wedding episode, but the guest star appearance that flooded my timeline for several days was Charlotte Sullivan as the Silk Witch in the Wynonna Earp season four finale.

2021 Favorite Queer Things - Are you two lesbians?
Meagan Tandy

We can all agree that Sophie Moore kissing women and pinning them against walls is great, but Meagan Tandy is out here giving us BTS content, pranks, hiking and workout pics, cute dog updates, and generally making it damn near impossible to be in bad mood scrolling through socials.


Laura Markus, Database Editor

Work in Progress Season 2

It seems fairly unlikely at this point that WIP will be renewed for a third season, but I am immensely grateful for what we received from this show thus far. Season 2 was a beautiful exploration of grief, fear, friendship, and accountability.

At the end of last season, I truly wondered if Abby would be able to live with herself after her unthinkable act of violence against Chris. This season allowed her to come to grips with everything she has done, and everything going on around her in the world at large (a realistic look at what COVID is doing to families going through a crisis and a community on the brink of explosion). Its dive into BLM in particular was a highlight of the year in pure brilliance of writing and directing. I’ve been able to relate to a lot of Abby’s more messy decisions, but the queer community around her welcomed her back, slowly, and that gave me hope.

But the thing I was waiting for the most was the time that Abby and Chris would reunite. It was the perfect closure for their relationship, and while I am sad that it’s over, I am so eternally happy that it existed. I want what is best for both characters. I, too, am glad that they met.

Lumity and The Owl House

This is a very common statement among sapphic adults, but oh my lord, if I only had a show like this when I was growing up…I can’t even imagine what would’ve happened. This show makes me feel freer than ever to be myself, and gives me the utmost hope for the future for queer kids to be themselves.

In a world of fantasy, this show is grounded in a vibrant queer reality, with a gorgeous WLW relationship at its center, and a rotating supporting cast of queer characters. Everyone is supportive of Luz and Amity entering a relationship, and Raine being non-binary. It’s just a thing that we accept, appreciate, and move on with. I long to live in a world like that. Though Disney has mistreated it, we will be getting some sort of wrap-up season soon, and I cannot wait to see how it goes.

Firefighter shows (Station 19 & 9-1-1: Lone Star)

At the onset of the pandemic, I decided things were becoming overwhelming too quickly and I needed something to ease my soul. Perhaps some popcorn entertainment would do the trick. I ended up binge-watching the first season of Lone Star in one sitting, followed by a long marathon of Station 19. This year, both shows reached new heights. Station 19, in particular, covered the pandemic as well as BLM very respectfully, I thought.

Fan favourite couples Marina and Tremmett were exciting, albeit frustrating at times, to watch. I still enjoy S19 greatly though it has depleted a bit in quality, but that will never take away from what Season 4 did for the show. Lone Star, on the other hand, was simply a treat in the best way. It’s a ridiculously entertaining show where you can turn your brain off for a bit and fall in love with characters and the crazy saves they make and fires they put out. Some sapphic rep on that show would be nice, given they have Marjan who I could easily see as bi, or Nancy whom some of the fandom thinks is a lesbian. Why not, right? It’s 2021. It’ll be 2022 when the 3rd season airs next Monday. Just go for it!

Pose et al.

I was going to lump all the rest of my shows in here, but Pose deserves a special shout-out on its own. Trans television will never be the same again; it must also need to be held to higher standards simply for what Pose did. Brilliant character work for three seasons, gorgeous directing, and a “period piece” that continues to feel relevant to this very second – Pose had it all. Its ending was beautiful and bittersweet. I miss Blanca dearly already, but I will always carry a piece of her legacy around with me, in my heart.

I would like to give a shout out to Feel Good (amazing, satisfying conclusion), Diary of a Future President (frick you, Disney!), Betty (frick you, HBO!), Tuca & Bertie (queerness amped up in its 2nd season, awesome stories, still incredibly creative and innovative), and Dexter: New Blood (nothing queer, yet, but I have to mention it as it feels good to have a Dexter back that I can enjoy watching!).

The Future

There are shows I’ve mentioned previously with new episodes set to release next year, and some others like Sex Education, Love, Victor, et al. that have the potential for sapphic characterization down the line.

It is very uncharacteristic of me to have cautious optimism like this, but I can’t help it. The world has been very dark and tragic lately; surely there are some showrunners and writers who have picked up on this and will deliver us a reprieve. Please! 

Mika Epstein, Co-Founder / Co-Editor in Chief

We Are Lady Parts

โ€œBashir with the Good Beardโ€ and โ€œVoldemort under my Headscarfโ€ get shouted/sung around my house regularly still. Itโ€™s a delight to get to see a show that demonstrates the different ways people practice their religion, and in a positive way. Iโ€™m also super excited for season two!


The show had no business being that fun. It was hilarious with so many hat tips to queer in-jokes that I enjoyed every minute. Goofy, over the top, and with all types of queers, it was just fun fun fun.

Fantasy Island

Speaking of shows that had no right to be as fun as they were, FI snuck in with an easy, un-complicated, story of the week where people got to challenge their issues and tackle the questions of who they are and what made them who they were going to be.


This scrappy web series is near and dear to me because I find the creator one of the sharpest and wittiest minds out there. Kelsey constantly amazes me with their talent, and knowing thereโ€™s a second season is icing on the cake for me.

The Owl House

While the series is not treated near as well as it should be from Disney, itโ€™s such a fun adventure. Itโ€™s practically the perfect series I would have set the BetaMax to record every week. My hope for a clean and fun wrapup remains, and I want Amity and Luz to have their awkward happily after. As much as tweens can.

2021 Favorite Queer Things - Lumity
Motherland: Fort Salem

From the moment I saw the trailers for season 1, I was hooked. Season 2 kept up the angst and drama, while still moving everything forward to what will be a gangbusters series finale next year. Those girls are going to change the world. You just wait. Theyโ€™ll take out the Camarilla.

Nikki T, Staff Writer and Database Editor


I know the running joke right now is that there are too many historical lesbian films, but there’s nothing I love more than a well-researched historical lesbian TV show. And add in Dickinson’s modern edge? Perfection.

Sex Education

This season had some of my favorite queer representation of the year. I especially loved the exploration of identity for many of the queer characters, whether that part of their identity had anything to do with being queer or not.

Bradley and Laura

I feel like I shouldn’t even get myself started on them, but I love this couple from The Morning Show. I also may or may not have changed some of my wardrobe based on Laura’s style choices.

Bradley and Laura
Gigi Ghorbani

Need I say more?

Gigi Ghorbani

Tracy Levesque, Co-Founder / Co-Editor in Chief

Mel and Liz Happily Ever After

In 2021 one of my queer wishes came true. I really wanted to add RED to our Shows We Love list, but Mel and Liz would have to end in a good place for that to happen. I had faith in show creator Germana Belo, but after decades of queer fandom, I always brace myself for the worst.

In the final season, Liz proposed to Mel, which is extra special because she’s always been the one with intimacy issues.

They had a big queer wedding and lived happily ever after. Hooray!


Shonda Rhimes has been delivering queer content on mainstream network television since 2007. Grey’s Anatomy alone has 32 queer characters and counting! Now it’s 2021 and Shonda has no more f*cks to give, she is giving the queers what they want!

For example, there was an entire episode of Station 19 where all Maya and Carina (my favorite ship on TV right now) did was have sex. I’m not exaggerating. They counted “multiple orgasms” as one of their blessings.

Who’s putting this on regular network TV at 8pm on a Thursday? Shonda Rhimes, bitches!

Meanwhile, over at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, not only did Teddy get a whole “The love of my life is a woman named Allison” backstory, they introduced a new queer, non-binary character named Kai. From the first millisecond Amelia Shepherd met Kai the chemistry was off the charts. I have never enjoyed a slow burn as much as these two.

In the mid-season finale, they made it official with a kiss.

Who’s introducing non-binary characters to Boomer parents in the ‘burbs in an organic (and hot) way? SHONDA RHIMES that’s who!

Thank you, Shonda.

Gigi F*cking Ghorbani

I love Gigi Ghorbani. The way she talks, the way she tilts her head, the way her hair falls when she tilts her head…and her eyes. OMG her eyes kill me.

I could watch an hour-long show that was just Gigi folding her laundry or on the phone disputing a cable bill. I have my fingers crossed for The L Word Generation Q season three for multiple reasons, but my number one is more Gigi.


Batwoman is my most favorite thing of 2021. Not only does it DELIVER lots of quality queer content week after week, but it is also a really well-done show.

I would not choose to watch a superhero show if it wasn’t for the queer characters. I’m not into them and IMO they recycle the same stories over and over. Batwoman is not like that, the show does more than battle the villain of the week and fight to save the world three times a season. It takes on racism, gentrification, and other timely issues with honesty. It’s a good show.

The biggest gift Batwoman gave us in 2021 was the addition of LezWatch fave Victoria Cartagena reprising her role as Renee Montoya.

It’s so perfect I almost can’t believe it’s really happening.

In 2022 Bridget Regan is joining the cast as Poison Ivy.

Pray for me, folx, I may not survive.

Those were our 2021 Favorite Queer Things. What were yours? Let us know in the comments!

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  • It’s hard to not be a little hopeful when we see some of the representation of this year.
    Here are my favourite queer thing of the year :

    1. My watchparty buddies (and y’all & this place), it’s been fun not being gay alone

    2. Lumity, the music episode with Raine & Eda (I love it so much, and the music) just the Owl House in general, & Dana Terrace. Needless to say I agree with you. Being able to see those baby gays just being cute with each other and free and themselves. We are going to turn Disney down the line, you’ll see. What animation has been doing these past few years !

    3. Batwoman. It’s a gift that keeps gaying. Long live the GCU, the Gay Cinematic Universe

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