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A collection of all TV shows that air on Hulu.

Anyone But Me star hearts

Sixteen-year-old lesbian, Vivian, moves from Manhattan to Westchester, while attempting to maintain her relationship with her girlfriend Aster.

Network: , ,
Airdates: 2008 - 2011

Castle Rock skull-crossbones

Based on the stories of Stephen King, the series intertwines characters and themes from the fictional town of Castle Rock.

Airdates: 2018 - 2020


A comedy series about a bachelor brother and his newly divorced sister living under one roof again. Together, they coach each other through the crazy world of dating while raising her teenage daughter.

Airdates: 2015 - 2018

Clique warning skull-crossbones

When Georgia gets drawn into an elite university clique of alpha girls, her friend Holly becomes alarmed by her changing, erratic behaviour, and feels compelled to join – only to find this seductive world is deeply corrupted.

Network: ,
Airdates: 2017 - 2018

Conversations with Friends

Two Dublin college students, Frances and Bobbi, and the strange and unexpected connection they forge with married couple, Melissa and Nick.

Network: , ,
Airdates: 2022

Difficult People

Two struggling and jaded comedians living in New York City hate everyone but each other.

Airdates: 2015 - 2017

Dimension 404

An anthology series with each episode being its own story. And one is about gays in the NSA.

Airdates: 2017


After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, a woman tries to reconnect with the friends she lost during the relationship.

Airdates: 2019 - 2022

Dopesick warning skull-crossbones

How one company triggered one of the worst drug epidemics in American history.

Airdates: 2021

Dragons: The Nine Realms

In a world where dragons are now just a legend, a group of misfit kids uncovers the truth about where they’ve been hiding after a geological anomaly opens an immense, miles-deep fissure in the Earth’s surface.

Network: ,
Airdates: 2021 - current

East Los High

A group of friends at East Los High face the trials and tribulations of teenagers growing up in East Los Angeles.

Airdates: 2013 - 2017

Extraordinary warning

What is everyone had a superpower except you?

Network: ,
Airdates: 2023 - current