Sense8 Returns To Say Goodbye on June 8th

April 26, 2018 user-circle Mika Epstein

Time for the end and to say goodbye to our Cluster.

Netflix March Madness Face-Off

March 30, 2018 user-circle Mika Epstein

Our final four were easy. So were our final two. But the winner takes all battle of best Netflix show rages on, and it’s down to our favourite queer series…

Netflix and Queer

December 20, 2017 user-circle Mika Epstein

There are some things to look forward to in the near Netflixy future.

Sense8 To Get A Wrap Up Special!

June 29, 2017 user-circle Mika Epstein

Against all odds, we get a wrap-up two hour special in 2018!

Sense8 Canceled

June 1, 2017 user-circle Mika Epstein

Because they had too many hit shows, Netflix stupidly canceled one. Seriously. We can’t believe it either.

Sense8 Season 2!

April 12, 2017 user-circle Mika Epstein

We are all worth fighting for. Sense8 returns for Season 2 on May 5.

Dare I Say…it’s Getting Better?

February 26, 2017 user-circle Tracy Levesque

While real life in the US may be a complete shit show, 2017 TV is bringing a strange, unfamiliar feeling: optimism. I find myself relaxing, letting go of perpetual worry and enjoying shows.