Petey Gibson

Petey Gibson


Petey Gibson is an LA-based, Boston-bred transmasc actor, producer, writer, and comedian. He deeply enjoys making little kids laugh, eating anything made of potatoes, and hyping up his friends. He is tickled by giving talks to college kids even though he did not graduate himself, and is a firm believer in going to therapy and getting the hell out of your own way.

A Groundlings-trained character performer based in Los Angeles, Petey’s multi-hyphenate work spans over 15 years – rather than formal training, he cut his teeth in Boston’s underground drag and variety scene as a performer, writer, producer, host – whatever hat was required to bring the best night possible to as many people possible. That work included everything from renting popcorn machines for vaudeville revival shows at the local YMCA, touring from London to LA to Toronto as a drag king, staging multi-media puppet shows… look, Boston’s a wild scene – you should check it out. His greatest accomplishment was as creator of variety extravaganza The Mary Dolan Show – a monthly trainwreck hosted by octogenarian Mary Dolan, complete with a live band, and guest acts including writer Baratunde Thurston and comics River Butcher, Danielle Perez, and Solomon Georgio. Boston’s Weekly Dig called it “heroic defiance of good taste”. It’s a BLAST.



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