Sherry Cola

Sherry Cola


Sherry Cola is an actress and comedian.

Born in Shanghai China, Cola and her family moved to the United States when she was four years old, planting their roots in the San Gabriel Valley just east of Los Angeles. She attended California State University Fullerton where she majored in Entertainment and Tourism Studies, and worked for the campus radio station Titan Radio. Cola’s innate ability to make people laugh and bring stories to life was indisputable, and students tuned in daily to listen to her funny commentary on celebrity news, fresh music picks, and more. Upon graduation Cola joined AMP Radio 97.1FM, spearheading promotions, social media, board operations, and even hit the street with a microphone talking to passerby’s and music fans.

Television host and radio personality Carson Daly took Cola under his wing at the station, helping her further hone her craft as she launched her own Sunday night show. Cola went on to interview top artists including: Noah Cyrus, Fifth Harmony, and Khalid. While Cola got her foot in the door in radio, she also had her hands in improv, writing and creating characters with friends around Los Angeles. When two friends launched a web series called “Luber,” a parody of Lift/Uber drivers, one of Cola’s most notable characters to date was born: Lil’ Tasty. The Lakers loving, jersey wearing, Timberland rocking-rapper was an instant hit online, receiving over 20 million views on Facebook.

On the comedy front Cola is constantly working on new material as a stand up comedian, and performs regularly at The Laugh Factory, The Improv and The Comedy Store. She also recently filmed an episode of “Funny Dance Show” for E! (2019) alongside Jackie Tohn, Solomon Georgio, and London Brown, and has worked with Kevin Hart’s LOL Network and Funny or Die over the years.



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