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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, a lot of stuff happened but, honestly, the most important thing is that Orphan Black and Tatiana Maslany are coming back into our lives.


I love and miss this show dearly so I was excited to see some of the cast at the ATX Television Festival. Both Brigette and Fivel were there to discuss the future of Cazzie:

It definitely sounds like we will be getting some good queer content this season!


I’m still hype for Batwoman and hope you are too! If not, watch this new trailer of Kate Kane being… Kate Kane:

The Bold Type

So much good news this week! Including that Bold Type finale! This section has mild spoilers because I can’t keep myself contained when it comes to Kadena. But, based on the finale and this TV Insider article, it sounds like we can expect Adena to return next season which was truly a shock to us all.

Aisha Dee has always been a big Kadena supporter and I love that about her:

Anyway, I just feel like dropping this here…

Gentleman Jack

The Gentleman Jack finale had everyone buzzing this week, so I decided to check out Suranne Jones‘ instagram. Turns out she’s as great as her character, loves posting fan art, and poses with her giant thermometer:


The biggest throwback of the week goes to Glee! Heather Morris and Naya Rivera had a mini reunion on the podcast, Showmance, this week. Calling all Brittana fans!

Good Trouble

Many of our faves hit the streets for Pride parades this week including Zuri Adele and Sherry Cola from Good Trouble!

The L Word: Generation Q

We keep getting droplets of new information about The L Word reboot and it was no different this week. A new script page revealed two new characters, one who is trans.

Clexacon also released some big news this week: The L Word is coming to the con! I’m excited about this but also hoping this means yet another Person of Interest reunion panel as well.

One Day at a Time

More pride parades! More of our favorites being cute and supportive!

Orphan Black

RED ALERT!! If you don’t already know this about me, I am a major Orphan Black fan. It’s my favorite show ever created. I would probably sell my soul to the devil for more content. Life without it has felt empty and dull. It’s probably for the best that I have never been to an event that included the cast because I would probably blackout and Team LWTV would have to carry me out and it would be a whole embarrassing thing.

So, imagine my surprise, when Tatiana Maslany revealed a new project this week: an Orphan Black audio series! Many people were hoping for a movie announcement but, honestly, I’m still in shock that Tatiana has decided to go back to our beloved world of clones!

The new series will be set eight years in the future from the show’s finale and Cophine will “definitely play a big part in the story.” Did you hear that, y’all? Cophine is coming back into our lives!

Russian Doll

Russian Doll got a season 2! Here’s Natasha Lyonne celebrating in a very on-brand way:

Steven Universe

The good news just keeps on coming! We’ve known for a while that there will be a Steven Universe movie coming out, but this week the show revealed that it will be a musical!


The Our Stripes Are Beautiful convention happened this past weekend and, thankfully for us, it is a LGBTQ+ themed convention so we got content from a lot of our faves. Yael Grobglas and Floriana Lima did a Supergirl panel together.

As always, Floriana had a lot to say about how much playing Maggie meant to her:

My personal favorite moment from this panel is when Yael said she purposefully played Psi a little gay because… why not? A true ally!

Tales of the City

Netflix released Tales of the City this week. Included in the cast is Jake, a trans man, who is portrayed by Garcia, a trans non-binary actor.


In the quest to find Vida some award nominations (which would be very well deserved), we keep getting new content and interviews from the cast. Keep it coming!

Wynonna Earp

The Our Stripes Are Beautiful convention also brought back together fan favorites Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Kat Barrell. These two hadn’t seen each other in a while (cue me glaring at IDW) so it was great to see them together.

Also, Kat made everyone go a little mad (in a good way) by dressing cutely and making our dreams come true.


The best part of queer conventions are when all our favorites interact and our fandoms collide. So here’s a little bonus content (brought to you by Isabella Gomez):

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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