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Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news! This week, Vancouver turned into Gotham, Jes Macallan and Tala Ashe attended London Comic Con Spring, and we really need to #RenewODAAT.


This is all really happening. Batwoman is really filming. Somebody pinch me. Pictures have been released from Vancouver this week where the show’s pilot is being filmed and it is all making me very excited.

BIFL Series

BIFL finally released a teaser trailer and it looks SO GOOD!

The series creators were also on the Unconventional podcast this week since the show will be premiering at Clexacon this April. Be sure to listen if you are excited for the series!

Broad City

I love Abbi‘s current Broad City storyline so much right now it hurts. Here’s the real-life Abbi and Ilana talking about the importance of the arc and their reasoning behind “the hat.”

Butch Pal

Butch Pal is looking to create Queer Eye for queer women (full title: Butch Pal for the Straight Gal). They have now raised enough money to start production and they recently announced the addition of Mandahla Rose to their cast!

Good Trouble

Alice has dealt with a lot of drama in Good Trouble recently. Read more about what Sherry Cola thinks about her character’s arc and what’s to come:

Killing Eve

The more Killing Eve teasers the better! This week, Elinor Day (producer) gave an interview about what to expect in season 2. Definitely read the whole thing but this is one of my favorite quotes:

In some ways, Villanelle sees the stabbing as a really good thing — an affirmation of Eve’s obsession or indeed love for her. And because these two women are very much circling each other for the first half of the series, you have a kind of push-me, pull-you of how they’re coming back toward each other — what signals they are giving each other and how the other one is playing with those signals, that they’re not immediately answering them, and that it kind of drives them both mad.

Legends of Tomorrow

Jes and Tala were at London Comic Con Spring this past weekend and, as expected, the queers (aka Avalance and Zarlie fandom) were out in full force. Here’s the thing: I’m still not convinced Zarlie will happen. It might be a coping mechanism to save myself from being disappointed. Who knows. But I will leave some important Zarlie-themed Tala moments here for your own interpretation:

Speaking of Maisie, it was her birthday this week! Here’s a very cute picture of her and her girlfriend!

Finally, in news I didn’t know we were expecting because I thought this was an automatic thing, Jes Macallan will officially be staying on as Ava Sharpe for the next season of Legends!

One Day At A Time

No real news on ODAAT because everything that happened this week is something we already know: the cast/creators/crew of this show are wonderful people and wonderful allies. If you haven’t tweeted #RenewODAAT yet this week, here’s three reasons why you should:

Whiskey Cavalier

Whiskey Cavalier is a very new show that certainly got my attention when I saw Twitter gifs of [mild spoiler alert] Bellamy Young kissing another woman in the show (I loved Mellie in Scandal so this was exciting for me). I also have harbored a huge crush on Lauren Cohen since her Walking Dead days so I was excited to see this tweet about her character:

It seems like Lauren’s character is queer-coded but has not acted on any queer activity yet. Here’s to hoping something happens soon!

Why Women Kill

Alas, we got a casting announcement for the queer character on this new show! Alexandra Daddario will be playing the “lesbian lover” of one of the main characters, Taylor. She will move in with Taylor and Taylor’s husband due to a stalker ex, but might be a “little crazy” herself. Jury’s still out on how this storyline will turn out.

Wynonna Earp

As I reported last week, Wynonna Earp is still on a financial bubble for season four. It is still unclear how/when the new season will be funded. In the meantime, Earpers have banded together to cover Times Square in billboards to support the show. On Thursday, Melanie Scrofano (and Emily Andras) even put up their own billboard to thank the Earpers for their support!

And that’s it for Queer Beats this week! Always thorough, always professional, never random.

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